Hometown Missions


No one thinks they will ever become homeless.  Can you imagine going from a normal job and a cozy home to sleeping on concrete with cardboard as your mattress.  The fear, shame and hopelessness is paralyzing as you try to figure out how you got into this position. Maybe you made bad choices or you are a victim of a fallen economy.   Either way, the homeless are all people, human beings that God called us to love and care for.  These homeless people need friends, people that will not judge them, criticize them, or turn away from them as they are being passed on the street.

Early this morning as I awoke to ice frozen streets I couldn’t help but think about the friends we have made that live in a community of tents.  How are they keeping warm, what is going through their minds and how can I help them and motivate others to help them?  I would like to believe that if you are a follower of Jesus Christ that you would willing give of your resources and time to ease the pain these dear precious people are feeling, but that is not always true.

Yesterday one man appeared at the café asking for warm boots, we didn’t have any we could give him.  We gave him gloves and coveralls but how could that protect him this night.   After a year of being his “friend” he comes in with a certain look in his eyes that are deeply rooted in sadness but flashes a big toothless grin as he shares his poetry with me.

Lord, I know the burden burning deep in my heart to feed, clothe, shelter and love these precious people.  I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the need that is out there.  As I am writing this sitting on my big red comfy couch, covered with the fluffiest, warmest blanket, feeling the heat off of the fire I ask people to join us in this mission.

When we think of missions today for some reason we always look at going to a far away country, we raise thousands of dollars to support our trip and we pour into someone’s life for about a week.  Praise God for the people who are doing this. However, I can’t help but think if we had people join us on our hometown mission field raising the same support and dedicating a week of their time, what an impact we can make in our own back yard.

I invite you to join Offerings on the hometown mission field and pour love and hope into the local community in the inner city of Hamilton, Ohio.  Imagine the funds you raise feeding hundreds of families; provide bibles, clothes, etc.   Every day, I see hopelessness, dirty kids, and garbage covered streets and so I ask myself why we have to beg and ask over and over again for help.  Lord Jesus I pray that you would speak to people’s hearts and send them to join us on our Hometown Mission Field.  Let’s go for Jesus while we still can!

If this has moved you please let us know and we will tell you how you can help.  All for God’s Honor and Glory! Amen!

3 comments on “Hometown Missions

  1. Brian Suman says:

    Kim and Felix, I can’t say enough about your courage and mission to share God’s love and reach out to those that need help the most. We love you guys and you will keep inspiring all of us to look in our own backyards. Awesome words of encouragement.

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