What Would Happen If Jesus Came Back Down?


We have a certain homeless man we’ve been ministering to for a little over a year now.  Lately, he’s been writing me poetry and I asked if I could share these on my blog and with my friends.  He agreed.  Please take a moment to read his poem titled, “What Would Happen If Jesus Came Back Down?”

What would happen if Jesus came back down?  What would he think as he looked around?  With a war over there and a war over here, innocent people losing their lives, women losing their husbands and husbands losing their wives.

Children out to play not knowing that they would not see another day.  Children going hungry because their parents have no money.  The parents that do have an income coming in instead of buying food they buy drugs and gin.

What about those who go to church in the day light only to go out killing late at night?  What about those who go out and raise hell only to find religion when they are in jail?

We have religions going against each other while losing focus on what really matters.  These wars seem to keep going on then they turn around and sign hymn song!

The children live day by day hoping things would get better as they pray.  The children play in the dark in some drug infested park.  The parents that are suppose to be with them instead are hanging in bars or hanging with the drug men.

What about the ones that are old having to live in places that are cold?  In their past they worked until they could no longer last.

Now what about those who are actually trying to keep the children and the old from crying?  What about those who are feeding the hungry with very little money.  Those that are putting a roof over the homeless head, without them the homeless might end up dead.

Would Jesus hang his head and cry while asking his Father “why”?  In closing I would like to know if you was Jesus which way would you go?  As you say your prayers please give thanks to those who really cares.


2 comments on “What Would Happen If Jesus Came Back Down?

  1. Mel says:

    I have been around the streets for a lot of decades. I have not ever heard it put so honestly, the events that take place on the streets. A lot of people are not ever aware of the happenings especially at night. This is beauty and truth. You may say what is so beautiful about it? The beauty comes from someone who has lived among this day in and night out and learned this from it. Wow, I wish everyone could see what this man has seen and to learn from it like he has.

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