The Cafe

                                                                                       Voices From The Street

I have had a particularly difficult day today.  At our ministry I am the waitress so I serve our visitors.  Well today I believe that the enemy has pointed the fiery darts directly at me and let go of the bow landing in the middle of my heart.  I’ve been cussed out today, personally insulted and told we need to change the name of our cafe so that people will come in without the fear of being “preached” at.  So as I sit and keep telling myself give God praise in ALL things, I pulled out a poem that our homeless friend wrote to me.  I hope it’s a blessing to you.  I still cry every time I read it.  Some times God allows you the blessing of knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life.

                                                                                                    The Cafe

On a warm summer day a stranger walks into a cafe looking for a job.  At first he was looking like a slob.  The man and woman he met months later he did not regret.  The man turned out to be a preacher.  A man of God yet also a teacher.  The woman was his wife, the love of the preacher’s life.

The stranger had never met anyone like them before until he walked through their door.  They gave the stranger odd jobs whenever they can knowing that God would be happy and grin.

Out of the goodness of their heart they gave the stranger a start.  Yet they did not just help the stranger they also helped others.

While having a life of their own the love for each other has never stopped growin. They even have children who do not act like others.  The kids are young and bright with smiles so bright.  They make their parents proud to the point that they would stick out above the crowd.  The whole family at times work at the cafe no matter if it is sunny or gray.

The only thing the stranger can say is that he hopes and pray that every week they have a good day.


Praise Him!  Amen!


One comment on “The Cafe

  1. AngelaMarie says:

    Oh, that is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Angela

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