Prisoner of Guilt

John 8:1-11

             We find in the book of John a story about a woman that was arrested by the Jewish Leaders for committing adultery in an attempt to trap Jesus.  These men had already disregarded the law by taking only the woman and not the man.    However, Jesus was too smart to fall for any trap.   We see here that Jesus was setting His own trap for these Jewish leaders by instructing the ones without sin to throw the first stone.  The response was that one by one from the oldest leader to the youngest leader they left leaving Jesus alone with this woman.

Jesus asks this woman where here accusers are?  Obviously, they had left.  Next we see that Jesus did not condemn this woman but He didn’t condone her actions either.  He told this woman taken in adultery to go and sin no more.

We can learn a lot from this story.  We see that there is a big statement here about judging others.  Instead of condemning people for their wrongdoings we need to show them compassion and forgiveness, just as Jesus’ did for this woman.  Not only should we forgive people but we could take this to the next level of Christ-likeness and wake up every morning forgiving people that do wrong against us before they even do it.

Friends, Jesus is ready to forgive any sin in your life but you have to ask for His forgiveness and have true repentance by turning away from your wrongdoings,  having a total change of heart.  With God’s help you can stop your old patterns of wrongdoing.  Amen.

Praise Him!


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