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In today’s world full of false doctrines, teachers, preachers and prophets we need to be certain that we know God’s word and search the scriptures to confirm what is being taught.  It is so easy to be deceived when we are not in our word daily, focusing on God.  There is a different Jesus being taught today, a different way of salvation and a different spirit.

In doing my daily devotion this morning I began reading in 2 Corinthians 11 and was kind of tickled by how Paul was talking with the people and how he was defending himself by saying he wasn’t an eloquent speaker but he was a fool, he suffered prison, he was stoned, shipwrecked and five different times he endured thirty-nine lashes from the Jewish leaders.  Take that you false teachers.  That’s what I imagine as I read this.

Paul was a simple man that was not trained in the Greek schools and didn’t have elaborate presentations.  The false teachers back in the day used that against Paul.  But here in Corinthians we see Paul standing on the word of God saying it stands on its own merit and it doesn’t need theatrics or carefully constructed speeches.

It appears that the Corinthians may have judged the greatness of a preacher by the money they pulled in; isn’t it really the same today?  We have celebrity speakers that we would pay thousands and bring in large crowds, we have the middle of the road speakers that we take up love offerings for or pay a little less, and then we have those that will come in and speak for free, those people probably don’t have any degrees behind their names.  Don’t we today more or less think they have really got to know the word and they are wonderful speakers because they are the high dollar speakers?  Just like Paul was warning the Corinthian Church not to fall for this, we must be certain of no matter who is speaking that we hold up what they are saying to the Word, the only Authoritative Guide.

As we go further into the chapter we learn that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light and believe me he is still doing it today.  These false teachers are being presented as Apostles of Christ when they are really Satan’s agents disguised as an angel of light.  Be careful not to fall for the smooth talking, immaculate appearance and high dollar attire.  Even though they can quote scripture left and right – make sure it lines up with God’s Word.

Being a preacher and teacher I know that I will be judged by God with greater scrutiny.  That’s why it is important to me to prayerfully consider what the Holy Spirit wants me to say or teach.   These teachers and preachers that do not preach Jesus Crucified and Risen Again and try to tell you there are other ways do not have that holy fear of God and perhaps are being used by Satan as an angel of light, scary stuff.  Friends, we need to know our Word inside and out, we need to be armed for battle and covered in wisdom that only the Word can lead us to.

I am sadden by all these people that promote their miracle services, come and be healed, etc. etc.  Friends I’ve heard of people being followed around and pursued by people for prayer because they want healing, we should be seeking God for our healing not following a man.  He moves when we wants, he heals when and who he wants.  I have a friend that has been prayed over many times and told he is healed and just recently went through his 5th brain tumor surgery.  God has a plan and a path for us to travel and we can’t even begin to comprehend God’s ways we are only told to trust them.  Paul prayed for healing and did not get healed, why, I don’t know but I do know he received God’s grace, a stronger character and the ability to sympathize with others.   We have proof in Paul that not everyone gets healed no matter how holy they live or how much faith they have.

Let’s not seek after signs and wonders but seek God and His Kingdom with all of our hearts, souls and minds.  Make certain that we remain grounded in God’s Authoritative Guide, His Word.


Praise Him!!


3 comments on “Authoritative Guide

  1. Rev. Vicky Baker says:

    What a wonderful word Pastor Kim, thank you.
    Sorry I was unable to come to class on Tues.
    There was a pastoral emergency , and I’m sorry I had to miss,
    I really enjoy the class.
    Keep on praising Him,
    Pastor Vicky

  2. I’ve nominated you for an award! I know not all bloggers accept awards, but know that you are noticed and appreciated!

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