All to Jesus

Over the last few months my hubby and I have been feeling another season of growth in our walk with Christ.  It’s funny how easy it is that we can study, meditate on God’s word, prepare sermons and lessons and still so easily take our eyes off of Jesus.  I guess it is another season where God is teaching us that we have not “arrived” to where we need to be.  We are still human, living in a broken sick world and we have got to keep our focus on His kingdom.  When we take our eyes off of Jesus and focus on our issues all kinds of worry and stress creep in.

For us it seems that we can’t shake this issue of money.  Sometimes, I believe we have been without money so that we both will dislike money and we are there.  We both detest money.  The important issue here is not to keep our focus on ourselves but on those that we are serving.  We had a wonderful first back lot service last week and lo and behold the devil steps up his game and what do we do, we fall for it.  We take our focus off of our Savior and place it on our problems.

What does all of this on earth really matter if our focus is not on serving and loving those that God has placed on our path and in our lives?  During these times of growth and refocus it is hard.  It is hard to be put in the fire with the heat being turned up but ah when you get all the dross lifted to the top and allow God to scrape it off it takes you to a new level of love for Him.

God takes care of the lilies and the sparrows; he is going to take care of us.  We do not need to allow our situation or our circumstances to control our feelings.  We do not need it to incite fear and worry.  Our job is to keep on loving our neighbors, keep on preaching the good news and bringing up disciples to go out and make more disciples.  Amen.

What have I learned from this season?  I’ve learned that no matter how far you’ve come you still have more to learn and further to go.  God is providing for us, He always has and He always will.  Sometimes, it will not be in the way we think we need but that is where our trust in Him comes into play.  There is absolutely nothing this world has for me – only Jesus.  Jesus and the love and compassion and the mission He has us on.

Here’s my thought for the day I hope it blesses you like it has me.  Jesus is worth it all.  Jesus is worth losing it all for after all He gave up heaven to come down here to earth, put on human flesh, to suffer at the hands of people that HE created for His good pleasure, to become a servant and ultimately lay down His life so that we can be united with God.  I’ve got to allow this to move me into deeper action and love for Him.  God is worth giving it all up for to follow Him.  These are not words that provoke just tears these are realities that provoke action.

This walk with Christ is going to be rough – following Jesus is going to be rough, He said it would be.  I know His kingdom is NOW.  Thy kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.  Proclaim the name of Jesus!  Clothe someone in His name today!  Feed someone in His name today!  Be NICE to someone in HIS name today!  Thank God that He has allowed this season in my life so that my spiritual eyes can be open a little wider to see and love people the way Jesus did.  To live as Christ is, for me, to deny myself to give to someone else.  After all that is what Jesus did for me.

Praise God that He has my life in His hands, my needs, my wants, my finances, my family.  God has it all now all I have to do is TRUST Him with it.

Wow!  It’s a shouting kind of day for me.  Praise Him!  Praise Him!  Praise Him! joy


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