Monday Morning Motivation

monday morning

What a Magnificent Monday Morning.  Glory be to God!  As you reach over to silence the ringing of your alarm clock sticking your arm out from the warmth and comfort of your cozy bed your thoughts go to, “I hate Mondays”.  I’ve had such a great weekend, why does the weekend go by so fast?  You slowly and begrudgingly place your feet on the floor and start making your way to the coffee machine.

This morning, I want to encourage you as you inhale the warm aroma of your freshly brewed hot coffee to exhale and purpose in your mind that this is going to be a magnificent Monday. You can change the course of your day just by renewing the way you approach your day in your mind.

As your taste buds come alive with the anticipation of the hot, creamy, smooth first sip of coffee allow God to energize your mind.  Some of you don’t like your job, some are okay with their job but spend the week wishing it was Friday.  Perhaps you are not employed.  Whatever your circumstance may be, allow God to direct your steps today in a positive manner.  Stop your stinking thinking and your complaining and embrace this day as the gift that it is.

Serve your customers, patients and employers as you are serving Jesus himself.  Each person you encounter may be Jesus in disguise treat them as such.  Take your disappointments and renew your mind by embracing them as an opportunity to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of our Savior.

Place a smile on your face by picturing Jesus lovingly looking into your eyes and guiding you as you type each letter, take someone’s temperature, assist your boss, load trucks, deliver food, fill teeth, whatever it is that you do.  He is saying to you as you do to these you are doing to me.  Love them as you love me.  Embrace your day as an opportunity to live it as fully as you possibly can.  Make each moment count, take every thought captive and bring it into line with God’s plan for us to have joy and peace.

You have a choice on how you will live today.  Embrace it with love, joy, peace, excitement and an opportunity to love and serve God and others.  What a glorious day the Lord has given us.  Let’s make this Monday Magnificent.

Praise Him!

Happiness – Your Choice


I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness.  It seems as the winter months creep on that I find myself getting depressed and blue.  Lately, I’ve decided that I need to make a conscience effort to wake up every day and allow God to renew my mind.  I wake up every morning and say, “This is the day that the Lord has made!”  I realize and receive the gift that God has given me by allowing me to awake and rise up to a new day.

It’s all about attitude.  I see so many posts on facebook about ho hum another Monday, ugh, can’t wait for the weekend.  What a way to start your week, focus on the negative – I don’t think so.  I am purposing every day to choose happiness, to choose a positive attitude. 

I recognize and realize today that God not only has a plan for my life He has a plan for my day.  Therefore, I am going to change my attitude and make it one of praise and joy.  If I expect the lost world to want this Jesus that I have then I need to allow my life to reflect the difference, the light, the peace and the joy. 

Praise Him and make it a GOOD day!