Takin’ It To The Streets


Takin' It To The Streets

Takin’ It To The Streets


What a heavy and heart filled weekend this has been.  Yesterday spent time working in my sewing room making new purses and bags to sell to help people on the streets while Felix has spent most of his week at the Lighthouse Church on Ridgelawn painting and cleaning.  Then we were blessed to help a young family; dad, pregnant mom and a one year old that was homeless sleeping in their car get a hotel for a week.  This was only 1 of several homeless families looking for shelter this week.


Then God gave Pastor Sonny an incredible message that He shared at the Lighthouse today – powerful!!  Spent some time speaking with a beautiful young woman who was trying to convince me she can kick heroine without any help.  Not gonna happen.


Wrapped the evening up at New Life Mission celebrating the baptism of our homeless friend that we have invested four years into.  Praise God that He never gives up on us!  This was a hard man to crack – – but he was always searching and I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness.


So tonight I am reflecting on this jam packed weekend and I never thought I would be a missionary in the inner city.  I can honestly say that there is no place I would rather be than loving on the homeless, addicted and prostitutes in this community.  My hubby and I have spent some hard days and nights in this ministry but nonetheless it is worth every single minute.  I love to see God transform lives!!  He is so incredible.


We are currently gearing up for our Mobile Ministry that takes place right on the streets, in the alleys and on the sidewalks every Sunday from 2pm to 5pm.  We need your help!  Without God’s people investing in Offerings Ministries we will not be able to continue on the streets.  Please consider a financial donation to Offerings Ministries, Inc. we are a non-profit ministry and your donation is tax deductible.


Every week we are taking Jesus to the broken in this city.  Two weeks ago when I was preaching to my girls in jail and I was getting wound up – I said these words to them, I was once just like you then Jesus set me free.  He picked me up, He cleaned me up then He sent me right into the pits of darkness to grab you by the hand and pull you out!!  Just thinking about it fires me up!  There was this one precious woman who looked at me and said, “Pastor Kim, you came here for me because yesterday I was going to kill myself.”  Praise God that she didn’t and He put that word in my heart and a burning desire to go into the dirty nasty places and share Jesus.

Time is running out – – we have got to put our busy lives on pause and reach this place for Jesus Christ!!!

To donate to this ministry and become a blessing to many please visit http://www.offeringsministries.com  ALSO like us on facebook:

http://www.facebook.com/OfferingsHolyGroundsCafe   and    www.facebook.com/JuliettesHope




Devil’s Playground


God has given my husband and I a completely new direction within the last two years that I never imagined would be the road we travel.  We’ve been in the  ministry since 1998 serving in various roles within our church; Youth Pastors, Associate Pastors, Head Deacon, Women’s Ministry Pastor and we’ve cherished and love every minute.  Two years ago God directed us to the Inner City of Hamilton, Ohio.  The work we do is set among the prostitutes, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals and dope boys and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the last years we have been led to go out among them and build relationships.  We have developed some friendships and some losses but one thing remains the same; God died for each and every one of us including the dope boys.  We have met people that just want to come around to take and use up what God is using to help.  We’ve learned not to spend our time with people who are unwilling to change and invest in those that are.  Believe me there are far greater people that are unwilling to change, I mean deeply change.  These people are master manipulators, they do it for a living, so they will tell you what you want to hear to get what you are giving out.  You feel me?

There have been a few lives we’ve been honored to see saved, pr

uned and grown.  Praise God for that honor.  Friends, the fields are still white for harvest but we need to be going to them.  We spend too much time, money and effort begging people to come into our buildings on Sunday.  Then we expect the Pastor standing behind the pulpit to “win” them to Christ.  This is not the “church” that Jesus gave His precious life for.  He did not die so that we can have nice pews.  Jesus left us here on earth to be His hands and feet and one day a week, sitting in a pew, or standing behind a pulpit doesn’t cut it.  Jesus’ church gets dirty, goes to the crack houses, loves on the drug addicts, gives hope to the hopeless, shelter to the homeless, and joy to a child’s heart.

The church that Jesus died for is unstoppable and connected to one spirit with one purpose.  When we look upon God’s kingdom on Earth we see lives changing, communities transforming, families restored and addicts delivered.  These are some of the great things of God that is beyond our control and only truly taking place where Jesus is the head and lead shepherd.

As we look around our community and into the face of many broken people we see the captives of this world.  We need to get on the offensive, go face to face with the enemy and storm his playground; amen!

Join us any Saturday or Sunday as we Take it to the Streets – all for His Honor and Glory!!  We go in the name of Jesus and no other name!
Praise Him!